Life, And Nothing More … – Abbas Kiarostami

from 01:20:53  to  01:21:47…

Would you tell me what happened?

My brother and I slept in a room. My parents had left the house. The mosquitoes didn’t let us sleep. As they stung me a lot I went out to my parents. And when my mother raised the screen the earthquake began.

Ah. And your brother remained inside.

Yes, under the rubble.

You were only barely saved.


Those mosquitoes saved your life.

That’s what my father says, but my mother is angry.


Above all because the mosquitoes had not stung Reza.

That’s right. He would have been saved.

My father says that is the “willing” of the Lord.

How do you say?


Not the “willing”, the will.


Full Film :


Thanks to : Beats4UPuertoRico

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