Who’s the insane one? – கபீர்தாஸ் கவிதை

இனிய ஹஜ்பெருநாள் வாழ்த்துகள்!

Saints, I see
the world is mad

if I tell the truth
they rush to beat me

If I lie they trust me

Hindus claim Ram as the One
Muslims claim Rahim

Then they kill each other

Knowing not the essence

With prayer beads and caps
and brows of holy paint

They lose themselves
in sacred hymns

Yet know not their own souls

Many holy men I’ve seen
teachers of holy books

Who acquire disciples
venerate graves

Yet know not God

The world goes on like this
and yet they call me mad

But Kabir says, listen
who’s the insane one?


from ‘Ram Ke Naam’ by Anand Patwadthan.


பக்திமானே பார் !

மதுமிதாஜீயின் காற்றுவெளி

மறுமொழியொன்றை இடுங்கள்

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