ABSENCE – a poem by ANAR




At night, light blossoms
in the electric lamps.
Within the common-ground
surrounded by its low fence
flocks of sheep lie idly grazing
chewing up the tender green leaves
tidying up nature.

Are they troubled ever
by burning memories, kept secret,
by the yearning for someone not there,
by the dice game played
between Memory and Forgetfulness
using thoughts for counters?

I may have appeared to you, surely,
in some form or other at some time –
in the spilt tea when your fingers slipped
or the insect that floated above your head
or even in the still space ahead of you.

You are in front of me
without fail, and at all times,
always in your absence.


from TALISMAN : A jounal of contemporary Poetry and Poetics (summer . 2010)


One of the younger poets from Sri Lanka, Anar (Issath Rehana Mohamed Azeem 1974) has published two collections of poems ‘Oviem Varaiyaatha thuurikai’ (2004) and ‘Enakku kavithai mukam’ (2007). She has received a number of awards for her poetry including the National Literary Award in 2005 and the Maharanthasiraku Award in 2007


Thanks : Anar , Lakshmi Holmstrom

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